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Terms and Conditions


  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that sufficient time is allowed to arrive on time to their destination
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to book the suitable vehicle capacity to carry the number of passengers and luggage.
  • Maximum capacity for a sedan vehicles are 3 persons and 3 luggage.
  • Maximum capacity for Minivan or GMC up to 7 persons and 7 luggage
  • All booking are subject to availability.
  • Bookings are accepted by telephone through our call center (+966533553076) available 24/7. All our telephone bookings are taken with great attention and care to make sure it is accurate, all calls maybe recorded to insure the quality of service provided.
  • Bookings are accepted through WhatsApp or e-mail as long as full Data are provided & subject to availability.
  • Booking confirmation shall be sent to customer within one (01) business day.

Change in flight plans:

  • We request that you contact us by phone or e-mail in case of changing in flight plans such as diverted or indefinitely delayed. Please keep our contact number available.
  • If a flight is delayed, we will endeavor to monitor the flight situation and accommodate the change as we depend on the information provided to us by Flight Tracker system.


  • Safety of Customer & Driver and Risk of damage to the vehicle:
  • The driver has the right to refuse any passenger whom’s opinion is a danger to the Passenger himself, driver or vehicle due to health and safety rules. However the passenger is liable to pay the full fare
  • Smoking / alcoholic beverages are not allowed whilst in the vehicle
  • The driver has the right to deny the service if the passengers do not conduct themselves in an orderly fashion, or if there are risks to the cleanliness and the safety of the vehicle and the driver
  • The driver will not be responsible to fulfill the transfer if the passengers are intoxicated, or otherwise disorderly
  • The driver will have the right to deny the service if there is a risk of damage to the vehicle by the passengers, their luggage, or their pets
  • In case the service is denied due to such circumstances, the booking will be charged in full.


  • Our transfer prices are quoted per vehicle
  • We will check the flight status before your arrival
  • There are no additional charges for flight delays
  • A charge will be collected for any transfer where the driver is required to wait longer than the scheduled time as the following

Waiting time charges :

  • On all pick-ups Other Than Airport Pickups the Maximum Free waiting time is 15 Minutes.
  • After the allowed free waiting time
  • 30 minutes waiting time 15.00 USD - subject to change
  • 01 hour waiting time 30.00 USD – subject to change

Additional pick-up or drop-off :

  • Diversion up to 05KM 7.00 USD - subject to change
  • Diversion up to 10KM 14.00 USD – subject to change

Payment :

  • For the same day for Airport transfers reservation payment can be paid to the HALA GUEST Representative at the time of service
  • For the same day for other Places transfers reservation payment can be paid to the Driver at the time of service
  • For Credit card payment for online reservation booking
  • Your credit card will be charge for a deposit of amount at the time you make your reservation

Refund Policy :

  • If our vehicle is not on time for your pick-up or service is not provided as stated.
  • If passenger cancelled his/her transfers before 72 hours.
  • For online booking bank charges will apply for Credit card payment
  • Refund will not be provided in the following cases:
  • Passenger provided the wrong information about date, flight number and address.
  • If passenger is not on time and missed his flight
  • If passenger leaves the pickup point without informing the driver
  • Cancelling the transfer after vehicle leaves its location ( Garage )
  • Cancelling the transfer after vehicle arrivals at the pick-up point
  • Refund claim must be made in writing to ( ) within 14 days of the pick-up time or drop off time
  • HALA GUEST will process all refund claims as priorities and in the shortest possible time.
  • HALA GUEST reserves the right to investigate the circumstances, which might require three working days.
  • The processing time is subject to the accuracy of the refund claim and the responding time of your responses to possible additional questions.
  • Under all circumstances refund claim, will take a few days for payment to carry out a possible refund transaction.
  • The refund claim will not exceed the value of the transportation booked